Movie Night?

November 26, 2014

Sometimes a movie night just feels right, and we totally understand. Not every Friday night has to be an all night bar hop/rage-fest. A night of pizza, wine and good company can turn out to be the best night ever. We put together a check list for a full night of good flicks and some must-eat-treats for a well justified night in. Check out the 5 must-haves: 1. PJ's: It's important to be extremely comfortable, and any elastic waist pants will really make a difference when your knee deep in a deep dish and popcorn. Tonight is def. not a fashion show. So leave those skinny jeans at home. #JustSaying 2. Order a pie (and we're not talking about an... Continue Reading →

The 2015 EMOJI Promise

November 26, 2014

So as you might have heard, 2015 brings a promise that we've all been waiting for.....EMOJI UPDATE! 37 updates to be exact and WE CAN'T WAAAAAAIT! Below is the unofficial list of the emojis that are currently being evaluated for the upcoming update. (TACO emoji has us WAY TOO excited.)   Faces, hands, and zodiac symbols Zipper-mouth face Money-mouth face Face with thermometer Nerd face Thinking face Face with rolling eyes Upside-down face Face with head-bandage Robot face Hugging face Sign of the horns Crab Scorpion Lion face Bow and arrow Amphora Most popularly requested emoji Hot dog Taco Burrito Bottle with popping cork Popcorn Turkey Unicorn face  Cheese wedge   What emojis are you most excited for and what... Continue Reading →

DIY Distressed Denim

November 20, 2014

DIY: Denim Can't fathom the thought of coughing up $200 for ripped/distressed denim? We can't either! So we searched the net and found the best DIY video by none other than the bohemian babes of Free People (def. in good hands!).  All you'll need for this DIY is a good pair of jeans that you're willing to operate on and the below artillery:  1. Cardboard to put in between the jeans so the razor doesn't ripped through the backside. 2. Scissors 3. Sanding Block 4. Retractable Razor Blade Watch the below video from Free People for easy tips on how to get natural looking wear and tear on your jeans:  And for some inspiration, here are some of our fave distressed... Continue Reading →


November 18, 2014

Well we tried to wait till December to start the giveaways but of course we couldn't wait! Tis the season for giving and we're starting early.  This week we're giving away a ZG Tarot Card Prize pack! This prize pack includes: The Sun + Moon iPhone case (both!) + The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Deck To ENTER all you have to do is FOLLOW US on Instagram REPOST this photo (below) on INSTAGRAM and TAG @TouchZeroGravity + HASHTAG #ZGTAROTCARDS   Winner will be picked at random on Wednesday, November 26th at noon (12PM). Worldwide Giveaway | REPOST ONLY on Instagram  Spread the word and GOOD LUCK!   Continue Reading →


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